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For us, every story starts with analysis, strategy, and proceeds with the most suitable means and technologies to bring it to life. The finale? An exciting outcome.

We like to call every project of ours a “story”, because the beauty of stories is that there are no limits to what we can imagine and how we can make our protagonists interact.


From data analysis, communication strategy, user engagement, lead generation, customer relationship management, store traffic, and payments, here's everything we can offer your business.

Digital Branding

AI - Data Analysis

Let's define the reference scenario with the support of AI and Machine Learning solutions.
We start from the brand positioning, activate social and user listening, and perform benchmark analysis.


We evaluate the objectives of the brands and define the necessary actions and investments to achieve the shared KPIs.


We increase the recognizability and memorability of brands and products through digital campaigns, social branded content and promotions.

Omnichannel Activation

We engage consumers in a dialogue with the brand, both on social and offline, with online and on-field activations to convince customers to participate in the evolution of the brand.

Digital Production

Whether it's banners, websites, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, contests, or a loyalty application, excellence is the common trait of our every production.

Design Experience

Mobile First is our mantra. We create services and applications that guarantee the best user experience because all our projects are customer-centric.

Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Lead generation

We intercept the interest of prospects, both online and offline, through cutting-edge technological solutions. We transform them into qualified contacts for the brand to start a long-term relationship.

Store traffic

We bring people to a virtual or real store to transform the purchase moment into a crucial phase of interaction with customers and storytelling of the brand, thus increasing brand reputation.


We build the relationship with customers of companies and retailers, leveraging all touchpoints and all opportunities offered by technology. We strengthen brand loyalty and push customers to make purchases.

Payment Integration

We directly manage payments and the wealth of information they can offer. We integrate value-added services on Android SmartPOS, from ticketing to couponing to loyalty programs.


We intercept the interest of prospects, both online and offline, through cutting-edge MARTECH solutions. We transform them into qualified contacts for the brand to start a relationship.

Social Experience

Social Media Planning

We study formats, plan the social placements, allocate budgets, and optimize purchasing to ensure maximum performance in terms of awareness and engagement.

Social Media Management

We convert followers into buyers. We constantly measure results and define best practices through data mining.


We engage and increase the follower base with creative solutions or influencer marketing initiatives that transfer the values of your brand.

Customer Care

We take care of your follower base, respond to requests, and find the most satisfying answers to build a long-term relationship.


Our A-Wards

Although our main goal is to achieve results for our clients, we are proud that our work is recognized and awarded even by our competitors.

NC Brand
Loyalty Award

2 ori
1 argento
2 bronzi

NC Digital Award

Premio speciale startup Digitale 2017
Agenzia dell'anno 2015 e 2018
2 ori
6 argenti

Social Creative Award

1 Annual
7 ori
17 Menzioni speciali

IKA Interactive
Key Award

4 oro
1 Performance Key Award


7 ori
1 argento

Grand Prix

Grand Prix 2018

Grand Prix

4 ori

Global Award

1 oro

Iab Mixx

Menzione speciale


1 oro

WINA Award

2 argenti
1 bronzo


3 ori

Freccia d'oro

2 ori
Premio speciale

Press &
Outdoor Key

1 oro

DMA Award

5 oro
1 Argento
5 Bronzo
4 Special Mention

What do they ask of us?

Social media management, website design, CRM/Loyalty program development, display campaigns, product launches, digital branding, store traffic, and even payment management once in-store or at the box office (online or offline). Always with full control of the entire digital journey.