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A-Tono Payment Institute is the Payment Institute authorized by the Bank of Italy, providing innovative and highly customizable digital payment services, enhancing the purchasing experience and funds transfer between individuals, companies, and public administrations.


and simplification

We operate innovatively and independently in the digital market, providing our customers with high-performance and reliable payment solutions.

A-Tono Payment Institute is registered with Banca d'Italia as a Payment Institution under the number 36064.4. We interpret the changes in the mobile payment world by focusing on improving and simplifying the purchasing processes of both businesses and individuals.

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Corporate information

  • A-Tono Payment Institute S.p.A. with a single shareholder, under the direction and coordination of A-Tono S.r.l
  • Share capital: € 4,110,668 fully paid
  • Tax Code and VAT number: 09217250969
  • REA number: Milan 2076312
  • Registered office: Milan, corso Buenos Aires n.77
  • Operational headquarters: Catania, via Battello n.44
  • PEC: atonopaymentinstitute@legalmail.it

and registrations

A-Tono Payment Institute is a Payment Institution authorized to operate by Banca d'Italia. Since 2016, we have been registered with Banca d'Italia's Register of Payment Institutions, with registration number 36064.4. We operate within the framework of Italian and European regulations on payment services (Directive 2007/64/EC implemented by Legislative Decree no. 11/2010, Directive (EU) 2015/2366 implemented by Legislative Decree no. 218/2017, Legislative Decree no. 385/1993). A-Tono Payment Institute is a member of the Association of Payment Service Providers (APSP).

    A-Tono Payment Institute adheres to:
  • Banking and Financial Arbitrator (ABF).
  • SWIFT BIC network no. ATPIITM1.
  • SEPA/EPC-European Payment Council network.


Board of Directors

  • Ing. Giuseppe Granato -


  • Dott. Orazio Granato -

    Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Dott. Maurizio Granato -


  • Dott. Antonio Cristaldi -

    Managing Director

Board of Statutory Auditors

  • Dott. Ludovico Mantovani -


  • Avv. Alessandro Brancato -

    Actual Mayor

  • Dott. Marco Viganò -

    Actual Mayor

  • Dott.ssa Pamela Ciarcià -

    Deputy Mayor

  • Dott. Ambrogio Silva -

    Deputy Mayor

Supervisory Board

  • Dott. Giuseppe Carnesecchi -

    President - External Member

  • Dott. Renato Marro -

    External Member

  • Dott. Marcello Fumagalli -

    External Member

Internal Auditor

  • Dott. Pietro Costantino

Audit Company

  • Audit & Law