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Bespoke solutions
for parking and transportation services

Solutions are also mobile: we know how to adapt to changes in the reference market and constantly interact with our users and dealerships. Together, we explore new opportunities and accordingly adjust the business model to the latest ticketing and transport trends.


Your sales
are on the move

Our ticketing platform allows your customers to purchase tickets in the fastest possible way: without registration, with intuitive navigation, and different payment methods. Moreover, with data analysis, we provide you with all the information you need to create together solutions that can further maximize sales.

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Sell your
tickets with us

Integrate with DropTicket and easily manage parking, transportation, and entertainment services. Not only can you sell your tickets, but thanks to the digitization of the supply chain, you can simplify all the processes related to reporting and sales analysis. In addition, through the DropTicket agreement, transport companies can sell tickets via Phone Credit, Credit Cards, DropPay, and cash through the DropPoint merchant network.

Let's build the solution together

DropTicket is a highly customizable platform, capable of meeting the needs of all TPL ticketing services, parking services, and entertainment services.

Turnkey service

DropTicket can be integrated through appropriate APIs to third-party platforms or work in stand-alone mode, offering both sales and verification and control tools.

Dedicated customer care

The dedicated customer care service offers end-users the possibility to have post-sales support, freeing our partner companies from this activity.

Promotion and visibility

We increase ticket sales through ad hoc commercial policies.


as a Service

In the ever-changing market landscape, it's imperative to stay nimble and responsive. That's why our solutions are mobile, able to swiftly adapt to the shifting tides of the market. We maintain constant dialogue with our users and concessionaires, collaborating to identify new opportunities and tailor our business model to the latest developments in ticketing and transportation. By staying alert and adaptable, we're able to continue delivering top-notch service to our valued customers.

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as a Service

At our core, we're all about making travel easy and accessible. With our integrated digital platform, users can seamlessly navigate a multitude of public and private transport services. No more juggling different apps or websites - we've got you covered. From buses to taxis, from sharing services to parking, we offer a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs. But we don't stop there. We also provide users with valuable information about the city they're visiting, including event and museum tickets, parking availability, and sharing services. And when it comes to getting to your starting location, we've got that covered too. Our platform offers real-time schedules, vehicle numbers, and stop names, so you can travel with confidence. At the end of the day, our goal is simple: to make travel hassle-free and enjoyable for everyone.

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Transit Payment

Transit Payment

Partner companies, in addition to reselling tickets through third-party systems, can issue tickets directly onboard the vehicle or at the station, check and verify the validity of a travel ticket or vehicle parking through our DropTicket Inspector application. Our DropPOS is capable of accepting card payments, but being a ticket issuer, it can record transactions that also occur in cash.
The goal will always be to provide companies with as much data as possible to make the payment experience a solid foundation for studying how end-users move (through the study of travel tickets) and how transactions take place.

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Business Data

Reaching your customers at the right time, predicting customer requests, and speeding up the decision-making process. These data will allow you to plan personalized marketing campaigns and promotions based on the tastes and profiles of your customers and work on the mobility system.

Real-time data tracking to dealerships to improve the service offered to citizens and know precisely which parking spaces are free. We also allow you to know in real-time the types of tickets offered so that you can adjust your offer accordingly.

From strategy to implementation, thanks to the know-how gained in the sector, we can support you in choosing the best strategies for your business.