/ Environmental Responsibility

Respecting the environment
with awareness and

Our environmental strategy is based on optimizing energy and natural resources, minimizing negative environmental impacts, and promoting positive impacts. We support a way of working that fully embraces a modern, efficient, and environmentally respectful mission, requiring the collaboration of all employees for the success of this sustainability initiative.

Digital Transformation

The corporate policy of the A-Tono Group aims to drive a transition towards a digital and sustainable work environment by implementing a series of solutions capable of reducing printing and promoting collaboration: for this reason, we prefer the digital sending of documents and contracts, use a reserved web platform for document exchange with the public, and plan meetings via video conferencing tools.

Plastic Free

We limit the use of single-use plastic and implement sustainable material management practices: for example, our payment cards are produced using natural bioplastic (PLA), 100% compostable, obtained from the transformation of sugars derived from corn and other natural and biodegradable materials not derived from petroleum. The company promotes the use of metal water bottles and provides water purifiers in each office to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Ongoing training and awareness campaigns highlight the importance of adopting new practices. Regular monitoring evaluates the effectiveness of policies, with adjustments as needed.

Plasticfree e paperless policy

Green Commitment

Additionally, we are proud to have supported with great commitment the "ForestaMi" project of the city of Milan.
As supporters of this initiative, we have contributed to the creation of urban green spaces and the promotion of environmental sustainability. Our contribution reflects the tangible commitment of our company to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future for the community and the environment in which we operate.

For us, sustainability
also means

Ethical Responsibility

What lies behind our healthy relationships with customers, collaborators, and competitors? A clear, ethical, and fair approach.

Social Responsibility

Doing business is important, but doing it sustainably towards employees, customers, and the external community is even more important for us.