/ Social Responsibility

People and communities
always come first

One of our greatest goals is to create sustainable relationships with all the subjects involved in business activities. How do we do it? By promoting values aimed at the well-being not only of the company, but also of people and the external community, and implementing responsible actions that have a positive impact on our stakeholders.

Human Resources
and Equal Opportunities

We recognize the centrality of human resources and are committed to ensuring equal opportunities and promoting the professional growth of each employee. Safety and health in the workplace are fundamental for respecting workers' rights. We are against any discrimination based on gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or age: we promote professional and non-professional inclusion. We also provide activities that can facilitate the aggregation of each employee to feel part of one large group.

and Transparency

Group companies are dedicated to ensuring equality of treatment, avoiding preferential or discriminatory behaviors. We are committed to pursuing the benefits deriving from belonging to a group of companies in compliance with applicable regulations and in the autonomous interest of each company in the profitability of its business.


Our excellence in products and services is based on attention to the needs of our customers. We aim to provide immediate, qualified, and competent responses to customer requests, maintaining correct, transparent, and courteous behavior. Customer centrality guides our actions, and we actively collaborate with Consumer Associations to continuously improve.

Our Contribution
to Communities

We contribute to the economic well-being and growth of the communities in which we operate by offering efficient and technologically advanced services. Research and innovation are priority elements for our growth and success, in line with responsibilities towards different stakeholders. Additionally, thanks to the internal Non-Profit Organization (Onlus) within the A-Tono Group, we carry out support and social development activities in the most disadvantaged areas.

For us, sustainability
also means

Ethical Responsibility

What lies behind our healthy relationships with customers, collaborators, and competitors? A clear, ethical, and fair approach.

Environmental Responsibility

Our behavior can make the difference. For this reason, every day we put all our effort into ensuring that each of our decisions and actions has a minimal impact on the environment.