/ Ethical Responsibility

Ethics at the core
of everything

Being sustainable means respecting people and the environment, but also respecting the ethical code. For this reason, transparency and loyalty are the basis of each of our actions.

Market Transparency

Communicating with the market in accordance with the criteria of correctness, clarity, and equal access to information is a priority. Transparency is a key objective in our relationships with all stakeholders.

Ethical Behavior

The social bodies, management, and workers operate in compliance with the provisions of the legal system and the company's Ethical Code. Unlawful behavior, the pursuit of personal interests to the detriment of social ones, and the improper use of company assets are prohibited.

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Fair Competition

We are committed to promoting fair competition, considering it functional to the interest of the Group, market operators, customers, and stakeholders. Transparency and ethics are fundamental in our relationships with competition.

For us, sustainability
also means

Social Responsibility

Doing business is important, but doing it sustainably towards employees, customers, and in general towards the external community is even more important for us.

Environmental Responsibility

Our behavior can make a difference. For this reason, every day we put all our effort into ensuring that each of our decisions and actions has a minimal impact on the environment.