/ Tech lab

Dream in digital
to act in reality.

Innovate, connect, and preserve.
We develop apps, programs, and solutions to unite technology with technology, humans with technology, and businesses with technology.


Digital things
cannot exist
without interacting with you.

Usability | Gaming | Multimedia | Interfaces

They must tune in with your own interaction experience, even in gaming.
That's why we focus on the usability and ergonomics of web and mobile apps, moving from the state of the art to a multichannel horizon.


Digital things
are no longer isolated.

Event Driven Systems | Data Intensive Applications

Our services launch messages that describe their motion, user actions, payment procedures, and product purchases.
We design and make distributed and decentralized systems work, each of which listens to the breath of its peers propagated in the cloud in millions of events.


Head in the clouds.

API | Microservices | Web | Mobile | Messaging | Voice Interactions

Every digital thing is no longer confined to its shell, it needs others like it, in a grid of applications built with extraordinary technologies that collaborate with each other in the silence of the network, to allow the creation of wonderful experiences on mobile devices, web browsers, and everyday objects.


Because digital things
are matter and energy.
Innovation and preservation.

Cloud | Networking | Orchestration | Observability | Security | Reliability

We work to shape the cloud to host our Services and Applications securely, ensuring their performance and availability.


Disturbing the balance
to find a new one.

Big data | Machine learning | Blockchain | Embedded devices | Internet of things

We venture into experiments by combining experiences and technologies to hunt for new paradigms to fuel our knowledge and grow by playing.

Our Certifications

In 2014, A-Tono obtained and still maintains the Quality Management System Certification, thus complying with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

To provide its services with a high level of Security in protecting Information and Data, A-Tono has complied with the requirements specified by the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, obtaining the relevant certification.