/ People

Creatives, engineers, and
marketing specialists

What do computer engineering, creativity, and marketing have in common?
They create the company that since 2000 intercepts the needs and desires of customers and consumers a moment before they realize they have them.


  • Orazio Granato -

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer A-Tono Group

  • Antonio Cristaldi -

    Managing Director A-Tono Payment Institute

  • Filippo Granato -

    Chief Administrative Officer

  • Carlo Sgroi -

    Chief Operation Officer

  • Luciano Leotta -

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Stefano di Sandro -

    Chief Tecnology Officer

  • Maurizio Granato -

    Chief Executive Officer A-Tono DMCS

  • Sergio Müller -

    Chief Communication Officer

  • Stefano Lieto -

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Maria Verzotti -

    Chief of Staff

Key people


  • Stefano Gianuario -

    Head of Creatives

  • Maurizio Elli -

    Client Service Director

  • Jacopo Taffuri -

    Director of Sales & Clients

  • Costanza Thun -

    Head of Digital Engagement Strategy

  • Claudio Ricaboni -

    Head of Corporate Business Sales

  • Alessandro Spina -

    Head of Small & Medium Business Sales


  • Antonio Gargano -

    Head of Technical Project Management

  • Sergio Davini -

    Development Team Leader

  • Daniele Luzzi -

    Development Team Leader

  • Giovanni Pardini -

    Development Team Leader

  • Pietro Costantino -

    Internal Auditor A-Tono Payment Institute


  • Luca Palmieri -

    Development Team Leader


  • Dario Ferlito -

    Head of Public Administration Business Sales

  • Luciano Bellina -

    Head of Enterprise Business Sales

  • Lucia Campagna -

    Customer Care Director

  • Claudia Genovese -

    Head of Data Specialist

  • Danilo Valvo -

    Project Manager

  • Giuseppe Marletta -

    Development Team Leader

  • Rino Seminara -

    Development Team Leader / Project Manager

  • Andrea Torrisi -

    Development Team Leader

  • Giuseppe Barbagallo -

    Head of Anti-Money Laundering

  • Stefania Tumia -

    Issuing & Acquiring Product Marketing Manager

  • Angela Gugliotta -

    Mobility Product Marketing Manager

  • Fabrizio Barbagallo -

    Proximity Product Marketing Manager

Working at A-Tono

To see the world through the eyes of a child, the mind of an adult, and the patience of a grandparent.
To be visionary and find answers to questions that no one has ever asked before.
To come home at night tired but happy to have created something unique.